韓国のオンラインコミュニティの歴史 その1

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■SayClub cyworldから始まったアバターコミュニティ























I have few Korean friends and I heard about web (in particular a game and web-community) circumstances sometime.
Some Japnese are ctiticise Korean-online, but thinks that there are quite many things which should learn that I advance from a certain meaning Japan in a fact. I will make an entry about that.

‘SayClub’ and ‘cyworld’

The community site where it is said to when the half of the nation registers (about 22,000,000) it at Korea where cyworld began in 1999 and SayClub began in 1997 as for avatar community.

Friendster began in 2002, and MySpace began in 2003, Mixi – is the biggest SNS in Japan- began in 2004. You are easy to understand how early them.

They formed community mainly on “avatar” and became the model of “Cafesta” -is one of the polular community service in Japan-
Yahoo! Japan Avatars seems to have asked Korea for technical cooperation, and it is a Korean company to have supervised the structure of the avatar of the “Excite Avatar”.

It was then Korea in the same way as the Japanese “who did use the avatar?”. However, they got a big success.
And became it that this idea “charged to a sale item” determined the flow of the Korea-community of the future.

The sales reach it till they make a profit of monthly about 1,200,000,000 won (about 120,000,000 yen) rapidly in growth, 2002.
By the way, it will be Hangame that let this “avatar culture” succeed greatly alone in Japan; (but originally this is Korea, too).
About 9,000,000,000 yen sales of 2007 of Hangame (But GREE -is Japanese famous SNS- extends sales with an avatar in the same way now).

As for SayClub, cyworld, the Japanese version was released together, too, but the former broke off an offer of the service in November of the last year.

To the times of “MiniHomepy”

“MiniHomepy” is the keyword which is indispensable when I tell Korean community site. That words means “one’s pafe”.
I think that it is easy to understand that I have you read an example, but the page formed like an album has the functions such as a diary, a photograph, a bulletin board, the footprint. It was a private photograph at all, they have been upload their photos with here.

It is “one’s room” to be above all characteristic. This is the room where the avatar which is the other self in web lives in and can invite a friend. You can customize the decoration of the room such as furniture or other things in the same way as an avatar, too.

Nothing to say, this is new business for them.

However, this is big sale again. It still occupy the centrality of the Korea community.

An online game

It is “an online game” that I cannot take it off when I tell Korea online circumstances.
Many game-portal-site such as above-mentioned Hangame, NAVER, Neowiz, Nexon is born and develop the original MMORPG in sequence at the same time. Ragnarock online, Lineage, MapleStory succeeded in Japan.

I think that a Japanese market does not need to catch up with this heat even if no matter how much the Korean online game enthusiast stands on hand with a considerable thing.

And, one way or the other, a Korean “is good at imitation” 🙂

For example, there is a work called “BnB” which clipped “BomberMan” clearly.
Japanese company Hudson who had a copyright of Bomberman, loses the case tragically although against Nexon of the origin of administration as a copyright infringement.

In comparison with the Japanese Bomberman-online which had finished being anticlimactic after all, the BnB continued giving much higher profit, besides, in Korea.
It was clear at a glance which there was the know-how of the online game in. Both companies came to agree by licensing agreement at last.

As for what is terrible, Bomberman uses just a “bomb” , for BnB “a water balloon” using in game.
This can shut in an enemy team-member, and the friend helps it. This feature added game characteristics for online and became a more “interesting” game.
The many items are sold in cash. It will be the place where the Korea online business is skillful in this.

I follow on the next time than I thought because I became long…


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